Working on return together

Advisory report on the effectiveness and diligent implementation of migrant detention.

According to the law, a cautious approach should be adopted to the use of migrant detention, as this is the most severe supervision measure possible that directly intrudes upon the right to liberty to which everyone is entitled. This approach should therefore always be the guiding principle when seeking ways to achieve a more effective return policy.


Recommendations on the effectiveness of detention

  • Experiment more with less coercive supervision measures and improve the manner in which they are recorded.
  • Promote voluntary return from detention more actively
  • Invest more in relations with countries of origin that fail to cooperate or insufficiently cooperate

Recommendations on the diligent implementation of detention

  • Improve the facilities to ensure closer collaboration
  • Achieve closer collaboration between the organisations involved and promote the further development of knowledge and expertise


Any questions on this advisory report? Please contact Sander Vergeer or Lambert Obermann.