Labour Migration: Solution for Economy and Demographics? Summary of the Exploratory Study

The Dutch Advisory Council on Migration has carried out an exploratory study on the potential contribution of labour migration to mitigating the impact of the ageing of the Dutch society.

Specifically, it addresses the question to what extent labour migration can moderate the increase in the old-age dependency ratio (the ratio of retirees to active people), can increase the size of the (potential) labour force and can help maintain the welfare level (per capita GDP).

The potential impact of labour migration is compared with the impact of other options to increase the labour force, in particular a gradual increase in the statutory retirement age.

We conclude that increased labour migration is not a solution to all demographic and economic challenges caused by ageing of the Dutch society, but it can make a useful contribution by mitigating them.

The original full report 'Arbeidsmigratie: Oplossing voor economie en demografie?' can be found at the bottom of this page.